College students: you have more time in a week than you think you do.

You know this “choose two” triangle” that circulates every once in a while?

college choose two triangle

That’s a lie.

If you’re like most students, you probably have about 60 hours of free time a week. Here’s the breakdown of my current schedule (Fall 2016 at UVa).

Start with 24 hours x 7 days = 168 hours per week. From there, subtract:

  • 56 hrs / wk for sleep (optimally… I don’t actually sleep that much)
  • 45 hrs /wk between attending class and studying. Based on a 15 credit schedule (sans marching band rehearsals) per UVa policy PROV-022.
  • 5-10 hours hrs / wk for marching band rehearsals.

This leaves me with 57-62 hrs / wk to do whatever else I need or want to do. That would include:

  • Getting ready in the morning
  • Running (or whatever exercise you do, because you should definitely do that)
  • Reading books, reading the news, listening to podcasts, etc.
  • Working on my potential business
  • Learning music for band (DLX3 get on it!)
  • Cooking
  • Writing
  • Spontaneous Cookout runs

Long story short: you have much more time than you think! But it’s on you to figure out the best way to use it.

Update: I realize that some students also have other time commitments (like work or winter marching seasons) and thus will have significantly less free time. This post was inspired by some post-rehearsal conversation with members of the UVa drumline, many of whom don’t have such commitments. It was intended to demonstrate a general point, not prove any specific number.