Flipping through Tim Ferriss’s latest book, Tools of Titans, I came across his section on Jocko Willink. Willink is a retired Navy SEAL officer who co-founded the leadership and management consulting firm Echelon Front with Leif Babin, another SEAL officer he served with in Iraq. These gentlemen also wrote the book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALS Lead and Win. Having enjoyed Ferriss’s interview with Willink and the corresponding book chapter, I bought a copy of Extreme Ownership. tl;dr: the book is phenomenal, and I wish I had read it years ago. I would suggest it to anyone seeking to improve their leadership skills in any context.

The title concept of Extreme Ownership is evident throughout the whole book. In short, Extreme Ownership is taking responsibility for everything - literally everything - under your control. Every operation, every plan, every team member, even your superiors. It put a very different perspective on leadership for me, one that I wish I’d implemented in past leadership experiences.

Each chapter consists of a personal military experience, a leadership principle demonstrated in that experience, and an application of the principle to the business world. Each chapter and each section are very well-written. The underlying principles are clearly explained, and I enjoyed both the military and the business stories. And to be totally honest, the military experiences gave me a new appreciation for how our armed forces operate.

On the whole, it’s a quick and easy read, but one that’s loaded with good information. I’m excited to try out Extreme Ownership in the near future, and I definitely recommend the book to anyone interested in a good leadership framework. 5 stars, hands down.

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