If you’ll permit me this brief act of hypocrisy… I’m really tired of hearing people complain.

It doesn’t accomplish anything useful. It doesn’t solve the problem. It doesn’t actually make you any happier. It definitely doesn’t make me any happier. It’s an inefficient use of your time. I’m not sure why we do it so much. I’m sure there’s a reason – but I’m not interested.

There’s a place for constructive complaining. For discussing a problem and working to find a solution, or for pointing out a flaw that someone would appreciate. But most of the complaining I hear doesn’t fall into that category.

I’ve tried to complain less recently, and it does feel better. Here are some tips I’ve used:

  1. Be grateful for what is going right in your life. The fact that you’re on an internet connected device reading this right now is an​enormous privilege. Appreciate it, and appreciate everything that had to be in place for that to happen.

  2. Avoid people who complain a lot. I deal with a handful of people who complain pretty frequently in person, online, and over text. I’ve stopped responding to most communications of that sort.

  3. Go cold turkey. Discipline equals freedom. Next time you find yourself about to complain, just stop yourself. It’s not hard.

Do me a favor. Do everyone else a favor. Stop complaining. Please.