Last updated 25-Sep-2017

I’m a software engineer at BTI360 and a graduate of University of Virginia (BS Computer Science, 2017).

Software projects

Fluensi: An An ed-tech startup born at UVA. I worked with a friend to develop an automated SMS (text message) study tool to keep students engaged with their course material outside of class.

Agriculture: I’m building a web app to help farmers manage soil fertility data and effectively write nutrient management plans (landing page coming soon).

New languages / frameworks: Between school and side projects, I’ve worked with a wide variety of software - native, front end, and back end.

  • Currently, I work primarly in Angular 2 (4?), both at work and on the aforementioned agriculture project.
  • I also use Python sporadically for basic file manipulation.
  • In my final year of college, I used Ruby on Rails to build a personnel / client management system for a Charlottesville area nonprofit.
  • I have a smattering of experience building native Android and iOS apps, mostly from Mobile App Development at UVA.

Assorted musings

Books and articles: Barnes & Noble and Twitter are my primary sources of knowledge.

Podcasts: The Tim Ferriss Show and Jocko Podcast are my top two.

Blog: see the rest of this site…


(I like to get away from screens when I can)

Marching arts: I was a member of the Cavalier Marching Band at UVA for all four years of my college career. I also spent two seasons with the George Mason University Indoor Drumline, and am auditioning again for 2018 - here’s some rehearsal footage!

Dog: I have a friendly and energetic (and huge) German shepherd. We love running around together and working off all the food we eat.

Nature appreciation: NoVA isn’t quite as scenic as Charlottesville, but Skyline Drive isn’t far away.